Mountain Bike Tours


“Simply Singletrack”

Approx. 45 minute riding time plus some MTB skills
$49 per person

So you can ride a bike but have never tried mountain biking on forest single-tracks? Learn some new skills, check out the wild life and find out what all the single-track excitement is about!

We will guide you through 5km of beginner-level mountain bike singletrack in the Colquhoun Mountain Bike Park. The ride features some small obstacles and short mild hills. The tour will be challenging for riders with fitness level one, good for riders of fitness level two and three and suitable for riders with skills level B – D. Allow 2 hours including travel to and from Lakes Entrance, departing from the Footbridge.



“Scalectric Loop”

Approx. 1.5hrs-2hrs riding time
$69 per person

Love mountain biking? Us too! We are so lucky to have an awesome mountain bike park so close to town and we’d love you to venture out with us on it as well! We will guide you through the 10-18km of the local loop at the Colquhoun Mountain Bike Park. This ride features some intermediate obstacles and climbs as well as the Lollipop track, our local natural rollercoaster!

Suitable for riders with a fitness level 3-5 and skills of C-E. Allow 2.5 hours including travel to and from Lakes Entrance.

* Tour price is discounted $10 for those who are riding their own bike.


For those that love the down hill ride without the uphill exertion, we run shuttles at Mt Taylor Flow Track and Nowa Nowa Mountain Bike Park.  Call Sarah on 0427731441 to book in on our next shuttle, or book our shuttle for your group of riders.

If you want a point to point ride incorporating some Rail Trail, we can also provide a pick up or drop off service at the beginning or end of your next adventure.  Metung, Bruthen, Nowa Nowa, and Lake Tyers are some of our scenic surrounding destinations that are all accessible day rides.  Want to end the ride with a meal? Check out our ride & dine packages!




Got a group and want your own tailor-made tour to suit your fitness and skill? There is plenty of track to go around, and we can schedule an extra tour for groups of 4 or more.


Not sure which Mountain Bike Tour suits you? Check your fitness and skill level to choose your tour.
Fitness Level
  1. You are not a sports person. Even small climbs are challenging and you cannot ride for more than an hour on flat terrain at a time.
  2. Basic fitness from exercising once or twice per week. You can ride on flat or gently rolling terrain at a steady pace. Usually you have the stamina to spend 2-4 hours out on a ride.
  3. Moderate fitness from two or three sessions of exercise per week. You can ride hilly terrain at a steady pace, or more demanding terrain but only for shorter rides.
  4. Good fitness from regular exercise sessions and time spent actively involved in cycling. You can ride full days in any terrain at a steady pace.
  5. Excellent fitness from regular training and a significant amount of time spent riding or racing. You can ride in any terrain at a demanding pace. You eat marathons for breakfast.
Skill Level
    1. You have never ridden a mountain bike before. You rode a bicycle when you were a kid and think you can do it again.
    2. You can cycle but have very limited experience of mountain biking. The most off-road you have experienced is some gravel tracks or smooth trails.
    3. You can ride with confidence on gravel tracks or trails and over some rough terrain. You may have some experience of man-made single tracks and feel happy on green and some blue routes.
    4. You can ride over most blue single track terrain, including steep, rough, narrow tracks with tree roots and other small obstacles. You will be able to ride most small drop offs and technical trail features.
    5. You can ride over any terrain, including very rocky severe descents, 2+ foot drop offs and other more challenging features.