Envy Prodigy X STREET COMPLETE scooter


The Prodigy X Street is built on the Prodigy technology with a sold street influence on its parts.

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The Envy Prodigy X Street Edition Complete Scooter has undergone a total transformation, featuring a cutting-edge 5.5″ wide deck that is now lighter than any previous Prodigy model. This street-savvy scooter is meticulously designed for the new-age hybrid street rider, combining style and substance in one sleek package. Whether you’re cruising your local street spotsĀ or conquering skateparks, the Prodigy X Street Edition is your ticket to the ultimate riding experience, setting a new standard for performance and innovation.
Colour Black
Total Height 900mm/35.4″
Total Length 735mm/28.9″
Bar Height 620mm/24.4″
Bar Width 600mm/23.6″
Deck Length 533mm/21″
Deck Width 140mm/5.5″
Compression Type SCS
Foot Space 385mm/15.1″
Weight 3.58kgs/7.9lbs


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