Blue Planet Zen Master 10’10 HL


A great user-friendly board, suitable for ocean and flat water paddling adventures.

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At 10’10” x 33″ x 4.5″ (195L) the Zen Master is the largest board in the Cruiser series. This board is user friendly for all levels of rider, and allows plenty of room for progression. It will cruise over the ocean effortlessly between the breaks and is a great all-rounder for various paddling adventures.

Vent plug
Twin futures boxes, 1x US centre fin box
SUP grip carry handle
Reinforced nose, tail & rails
Deck pad
Reinforced fin box cassettes

 Hawaiian Lifestyle (HL) Construction features:
* Fibreglass, Bamboo, Carbon construction
* Kevlar Rails
* Carbon Deck
 * Marked down due to glassed over plugs, barely visible & 2 x small rail scratches.



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