Australis ‘Saratoga’ Kayak With Rudder


A sit in kayak with rudder included. The perfect lake kayak! Cuts smoothly through chop, very stable, and a good size cockpit to make getting in and out easy for larger paddlers. Australian made, lifetime warranty.


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Saratoga 3.8m Bay Touring Kayak – Intermediate Length that handles chop with ease

The Saratoga is stable, quick and responsive, and is perfect to use on lakes and bays that are affected by wind chop. This little kayak travels exceptionally well over flat water, but where you will really appreciate the upturned “sea-kayak” shaped bow is in choppy conditions or when there is a wake from a passing motor boat.

The long, streamlined hull of the Saratoga produces speedy acceleration, getting you to your favourite destination faster.

The storage section in the rear of the Saratoga is separated from the cockpit by a foam bulkhead and is accessible through a large rubber pop-on hatch.  This bulkhead sealed storage section in the rear gives you somewhere to store some luggage while accessories that you need to have at your finger tips, such as lures and flies, can be secured to the bungy on the front deck.

If exploring waterways and enjoying nature is more your style, then the excellent tracking and turning ability of the Saratoga Kayak make it the perfect choice for you. This model includes a rudder.

Whether you are working on your fitness or just cruising through the day, the Saratoga will take you there in comfort and style.

Saratoga Statistics:
Length:  3.8m
Width:  70cm
Depth:   32cm
Cockpit:   50 x 86cm
Weight:   20kg
Hatches:   Rear – 41 x 23cm oval
Dry Storage:   Rear – 60 litres
Capacity:   130kg (Depending on water conditions)

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