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Powerblades are a symmetrical shape, robust blade made from super tough high-impact polypropylene which is virtually indestructible. This toughness makes the Powerblade the number 1 choice of paddle for Australian rafting companies, hire operators and school and scout groups.

All Powerblade paddles are made on a shaft that is 32mm diameter.
The wall thickness of “standard” paddles is 1.1mm.
If you require a paddle to take even more abuse, “heavy duty” aluminium with a 1.6mm wall thickness is available on request.

Structural aluminium is used for maximum strength, and has a clear anodised coating to prevent the paddler’s hands turning black.

All of the Powerblade paddles we sell are “double plugged” to inhibit water entering the paddle shaft. This ensures that the paddles will float if dropped into the water.

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As a double paddle, the blades are riveted with 3/16″ rivets onto the aluminium shaft. The blades are feathered to an angle of around 60 degrees. Drip rings are fitted to each end, to minimise water running down the shaft and onto your hands.
Powerblades are a “budget” paddle that is only available on an aluminium shaft. You can choose to upgrade your double Powerblade paddle from a bare aluminium shaft by adding “heatshrink and grip”. Also, you can get a 2 piece (push-button split) double paddle on the standard alloy shaft.

Made in Australia
Manufacturer: Australis Canoes & Kayaks
Blade Shape: Symmetrical
Shaft Diametre: 32mm OD

Main Features
Structural aluminium for maximum strength
Clear anodising on aluminium to prevent hands turning black
Double plugged so they will float if dropped into the water

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