Australis Bass General Purpose Kayak – Green Camo


Bass 2.8m kayak can be used in small white water and suitable for people new to white water paddling. The Bass will take up to 130kg. Great for fishing.


Bass 2.8m general purpose kayak for 1 person – The Biggest Selling Kayak in Australia!

Every member of the family can use the Bass in so many different situations. The Bass has always been popular with fishermen as it is very stable and will take adults up to 130kg as well as children as young as 6.

First released in 1996 as a general-purpose kayak for schools and hire operators, the Bass is the biggest selling kayak in Australia.

It is just so versatile! The Bass can be used on calm lakes or in small white water rapids, for fishing or bird watching, by children as young as 6 and people as large as 130kg.

People new to kayaking find the Bass extremely stable, fun, and easy to paddle.

Designed for use in low-level white water (up to a grade 2 rapid), the Bass is perfect for developing the skills necessary for safe white water paddling! The wide hull provides exceptional stability, whilst the inclusion of “rocker” means an immediate response when quick turning is required.

The Bass is a favorite amongst fishermen because it is super stable, simple to car top, and allows access to fishing holes that are unreachable in larger boats. It is perfect for those afternoons when you would like to go out for a quick hour of fishing, but don’t want the hassle of having to take the boat to the boat ramp.

The versatility of the Bass, combined with a reputation for reliability and exceptional value for money will see the Bass continue to be Australia’s Favourite Kayak!

Bass Specifications:
Length:  2.8m
Width:  77cm
Depth:   32cm
Cockpit:   55 x 91 cm
Weight:   18kg
Capacity:   130kg (Depending on water conditions)