Adventure  –  Eat  –  Sleep  –  Repeat

Book your own adventurous weekend for 2 or invite the whole riding crew:
we’ve organised packages that bring you the best of the riding in East Gippsland in a weekend!


Ride & Dine

Venture out of the waterfront paradise you’ve been enjoying in Lakes Entrance to explore the stories hidden in our winding forest trails.

Lakes Entrance to Bruthen

Your self-guided forest trail ride will take you onto the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Track, which follows and criss-crosses the Mississippi Creek, surrounded by ferns and old growth. Stop in at The Quarry for a break, at the mine site of the original rocks holding open the Entrance of the Gippsland Lakes. The track is a mainly shaded, compact gravel track, with just a few short hills in the last few kilometres before the Rail Trail.

At the Rail Trail, turn left for 12km to the township of Bruthen, a beautiful village set in a scenic valley, that boasts the Bruthen Brewery, the Bruthen Bizarre & the Tambo River! A long gentle and mainly downhill ride, on double track that allows you to ride side by side with your friends.

If you’re ‘Riding & Dining’, you’ll have the opportunity to sample the beers at the Bruthen Brewery. Sample a selection of the local brews with the Tasting Paddle, and after you’ve found your beer of choice, your package includes a meal & your favourite beer. Check out our calendar for what else is on in Bruthen, such as the local market, an exhibition or live music.

Ride & Pick up $60 per person.      Ride & Dine  $85 per person


Lakes Entrance to Metung

If 20km is your distance of choice & sealed roads more your scene, then ride to beautiful Metung. You might as well swing past Kalimna Jetty on your way out of town, after all, it’s the best waterfront riding you can get. From there, ride the shoulder of the Princes Hwy for a few kilometres and turn left onto Kalimna West Rd. This takes you down to historic Nyerimilang, a beautiful old property overlooking the Gippsland Lakes. Ride the walking tracks (why walk when you can ride right?) around to the Cliff Track which gives you breathtaking views of the Gippsland Lakes. Take a moment. Take a selfie.

Back on the bike, cruising through undulating farmland and pondering your retirement plan, take a left onto Nungurner Rd. You have options: turn left onto Nungurner Jetty Rd and explore your artistic streak, riding around the galleries and studios of Nungurner. Continue on Nungurner Rd, turning left down Rosherville, past Chinamans Creek. Dream about those yachting adventures to be had as you pass the boats and arrive in Metung in time for a delicious lunch at Bancroft Bites. Your package includes a well earned lunch & a good coffee (or tea if its more your thing). Take the time to appreciate the water views, check out the boutique shops & the new nature-based playground.

If you’re keen for more waterfront adventure, hopefully you booked the Ride & Dine & Cruise package, which sees you cruising for the afternoon with Riviera Nautica for a couple of hours. Once you’re done, we’ll bring you back to Lakes Entrance.  Ride & Pick Up $55 per person.
Ride & Dine $85 per person         Ride & Dine & Cruise with Riviera Nautica $125 per person

Lakes Entrance to Lake Tyers

Fancy riding from Lake to Lake? Only got 20km in those legs? Break yourself in slowly and cruise around the waterfront cycle path, you’ll notice the black swans and pelicans doing their thing. Continue on the cycle path that turns right after the Catholic Church on Golf Links Rd. You’ll ride along an almost flat residential street until you get past the golf course, and your ride becomes a bush track. Keep riding, and try to take the little right turn marked ‘Nature Track’, which leads you to Lake Bunga beach.  This track is prettier & windier than if you miss it but all tracks lead there anyway. Take some time to appreciate the beach. Sunbake, swim, selfie.

Back on the bike, it’s a challenging uphill on Lake Bunga Beach Rd, rewarded halfway up with an awesome ocean view. Catch your breath. Tired selfie with an epic view. You just rode the steepest bit. Continue on an easier uphill until you hit the Princes Hwy. Look to your right and see a dirt road? Take that road, its downhill!!! This leads you to the first Oil Bore in Australia. What goes down has to get back up again right? Cross the creek and spin those pedals back up the next hill, and we promise that is the last of the tough uphills.


If you’re at the top, near a Fire Shed, you’re at Toorloo Arm. Cross the road and there is a dirt BMX track here you can play on for a minute. You’ll see a bike path from here, ride that until you see Cliff Rd on your right and turn down it for a few hundred metres. Turn left onto a forest track. Follow the main open forest track until you hit another sealed road, turn right on it and you’re at Red Bluff Lookout. This view is worth every kilometre, and its the local surfing spot, so suss it out for future adventures. If you’ve got the time, lock the bikes and head down to the beach for another swim. You’re beach hopping on 90 mile beach!

As you leave Red Bluff Lookout there is a track on your right heading into the trees. Follow it. It feels like you’re riding through a tunnel of trees with glimpses of ocean and sky through the gaps. Its mostly flat and fun with a little bit of boardwalk in it. Once you pop out at Beacons Hill, it’s a down hill ride on bike path next to the road to Lake Tyers, and you’ve found yourself at another beach! Your package includes wood fired pizza & a drink at the Waterwheel Tavern, affectionately known by the locals as the ‘Tav’. Take a selfie with our mate Kev. If you chose the ultimate package, let your food digest while you sit out on the deck, enjoying your view of Lake Tyers, and then time for a kayak on the lake itself. What an epic little lake to lake adventure!

Ride & Pick Up $55 per person.  
Ride & Dine $80 per person

    • SONY DSC

      View at Red Bluff

    • Riding to Lake Tyers

      Riding to Lake Tyers

    • Dining at the Waterwheel

      Dining at the Waterwheel

Lakes Entrance to Nowa Nowa

From the Gippsland Lakes Discovery Track section, if you turn right onto the Rail Trail, you’ll ride a long gentle downhill past the Stoney Creek Trestle Bridge, the second biggest of its kind in the southern hemisphere.  There is a short steep hill at the bridge but only 16km along the Rail Trail to Nowa Nowa, a quirky little village that is home to the 151st big thing in Australia – “The Big Root”, thermal springs in Boggy Creek & a beginners mountain bike park. Once you arrive, your package includes a burger from Mingling Water’s extensive selection of gourmet burgers & a drink (we recommend the coffee!).
Ride & Pick Up $60 per person.
Ride & Dine $80 per person.        

* Prices include bike rental from Venture Out. Clients with their own bikes can also be accommodated.  When choosing your ride, ask about any weekend markets, galleries and gigs that may be on in Bruthen, Nowa Nowa or Metung to make the most of your time! Current prices are for a minimum of 2 riders.